This is a platformer game designed to teach you about the Greek Gods. You play as one of three gods that you can switch between and each has a unique ability. The tutorial within the game explains all the controls. Use "ARROW KEYS" to move and navigate menus and "ENTER" to select a button. Press "ESCAPE" to access the pause screen (You may have to press it twice). Use "Z" to change character and "X" to use a special ability. Use "SPACE" to jump or double jump. Use "W" to mute sound.

TIP -- "If you are stuck on the second level double jump far out"

-- All game assets were made by myself except the audio and UI elements

Disclaimer -- In terms of historical accuracy only what the Gods are Gods of is correct. The main story line is not.


Download 30 MB


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First level was fun, then I got stuck. The lion was missing a head unfortunately (poor thing). Replaying the first level to get back the the second level was less fun. And answering the same questions again was not highly appreciated. The questions could have been random. Overall the game is well made, but could have been less linear. Difficulty should be gradually increasing. Grafix and sound was nice. The tutorial was helpful.

Cheers for the advice :)

I love the enemy that makes you answer a question correctly to pass! Cool concept of switching between the 3 avatars.

Love the sprite, the soldier enemy is cuuuute. (っ• ̀ω•́ )っ

Any comment is useful - I would really like feedback on what is good and what could be improved so i can improve as a game developer.